The Citizenship Commission has approved the first fifty-six successful applications for dual citizenship following the commencement of the Dual Citizenship Act 2018.

The Citizenship Commission received a total of 101 applications, in which 56 were approved, 32 pending and 13 rejected during the period between June to December 2020.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, which administered the Act, rolled out the program after the passages and gazetting of the Dual Citizenship Act in 2018 and the Citizenship (Oaths, Pledges, and Fees) Regulations 2019.

So far, a total revenue of $754,000.00 has been collected from application fees.

The Citizenship Commission is overseeing the programme and it is the only authority that considers applications from time to time.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Jeffrey Sade Deve, says the applications are considered in a series of nine meetings held by the Citizenship Commission from June to December 2020.

Currently, the Home Affairs Ministry is working to connect with the country’s embassies and missions overseas to enhance the implementation of the dual citizenship program.

Pamphlets and other relevant information regarding the programme were made available on the SIG Portal at and can be obtained from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary Deve said there are certain areas in the Citizenship Act that need improvements and the ministry is working on appropriate amendments.

Details of the application process can be obtained from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Source: OPMC