The Russell Islands Plantation Estates Limited Chairman, Patrick Wong wants to find a lasting solution to the CEMA houses based at Lungga area.

Mr. Wong, who is currently in the country, hopes to discuss land dispute issues with landowners and hold meetings with the national government on the issue.

In an open meeting at the Mendana Hotel, Mr. Wong met up with land owners of the Lungga, Tenaru and Tenavatu areas to clear confusions and resolve the problems together with the RIPEL Company and the government.

Mr. Wong in a recent letter to the Member of East Guadalcanal, Mr. Johnson Koli said that he wanted to find lasting solution which will eventually result in the transferring of their fixed term estate.

He informed landowners at the meeting yesterday that he is willing and prepared to transfer the Perpetual Estate and the fixed term estate to the landowners if the matter is to be resolved.

"I am hoping we come to a solution which best suits everyone," he said.