Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has pledged to deliver a record budget that is focused on economic growth, strengthening the country's budgetary position and ensuring that Solomon Islands can stand as a strong independent nation.

Minister Lilo said this at the recent opening of the consultations for the 2011 National Budget.

Mr Lilo said that the 2011 Budget will undergo a vigorous process to ensure that it reflects the real needs of the country.

"The government is re-establishing these consultations, which are an important part of any robust budget process," said Mr Lilo.

Mr Lilo said these consultations will enable Ministries to engage on the budget strategy and provides an opportunity for stakeholders to speak on issues of importance that could than be reflected in the budget.

Mr Lilo said that such an approach will ensure that the budget achieves its dual objectives of delivering a budget that focuses on economic growth and prosperity while strengthening the budgetary position, ensuring a strong and economic independent Solomon Islands.

Minister Lilo said despite the negative effects on the country by the recent global financial crisis, strong economic performance has translated into stronger than anticipated revenues towards the end of last year.