A final workshop organized by the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) to look into the National Disaster Council Act 1989 and National Disaster Plan 1987, ended yesterday.

Organized at Honiara Hotel, the NDMO involved relevant stakeholders from the Government, NGOs, Faith Based Organizations and other relevant stakeholders to look into the issue.

The workshop covered the Disaster Risk Management Legislation and Plan review workshop with the aim of creating a system to protect people from natural disasters.

Also reviewed were the Policy Documents on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and emergencies in the country.

Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. James Tora in his address emphasized on the priorities of the CNURA government regarding natural disasters and the opportunity the workshop has given to address key issues to the governance of the country and ways the government could make better decisions for people struck with natural disasters.

Solomon Times also spoke to the Chairman of NDC, Mr. Fred Fakari, who stated that the workshop will pave a way to the increase the safety and security in the present and future development.