Lawyers for one of the accused in Fiji's assassination plot have announced that they are suing Fiji's Interim Government.

Lawyers for Fiji's millionaire businessman and New Zealand citizen, Ballu Khan, had initially lodged a legal action against Fiji's Interim Government appointed Police Commissioner, Esala Teleni. However, this action was withdrawn yesterday to be replaced by the $40million lawsuit announced today.

Reports from Fiji media state that the Interim Government of Fiji is being sued for injuries sustained by Ballu Khan and his unnecessary imprisonment in hospital. According to the Fiji Times Online, Mr. Khan's Queens Counsel, Peter Williams, said the writ had been filed.

According to, Mr. Williams announced today at a press conference that Mr. Khan was threatened to be killed and his partner and her sisters to be raped by a military officer. He also added that the military and police refused Khan his civil rights during his 12 days in detention and that, "At the CWM hospital, an examination was made of Khan by the medical staff (within the limitations of their equipment) and Khan was found to have received the following injuries as a direct consequence of assaults and battering that he had sustained at the hands of the military and police."

"The injuries were as follows: damage to his skull, his neurological system, face, eyes and his teeth; general abrasions, serious trauma, large loss of blood, loss of consciousness (concussion) and near death experience; injury to the back of his neck, bruising of natural aspect of right chest wall, superficial laceration 1.5cm at left forehead, head injuries suffering headaches and dizziness, general body weakness and poor appetite."

Mr. Khan is said by police to be one of the key players in the assassination plot reported earlier in which there were alleged plans to kill Fiji's Interim Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, and some other cabinet ministers and senior military officers. However, to date, there have been no charges laid against Mr. Khan who is still being treated in hospital.