HIV is an emergency issue which people should seriously regard as a deadly killer.

A nurse from Western Province, Christina Tawa stressed that everyone should make HIV their business "because it is not sex workers or teenagers alone who are vulnerable to the killer disease".

Mrs. Tawa is representing Western Province in the first ever health workshop currently conducted in Honiara for health workers in the provinces.

The workshop highlights on the need to be professionals in dealing with young people on the issues of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).

Mrs. Tawa described the training as "really helpful" for the rural health workers.

She said the workshop is an eye-opener for participants in learning how to help HIV victims to come to terms with the disease.

Mrs. Tawa highlighted that the challenge will be to work positively with youths, who are the most vulnerable age group in carrying the disease.

"We have been challenged to be friendly with our youths in our approach on the issues of HIV or STI," she said.

She stressed that more emphasis is placed on the killer disease, HIV, which "does not grade anyone ... whether good or bad".

Mrs. Tawa said that everyone should work hand-in-hand to help control the spread of HIV in the country.