A number of local bands performed today as part of the ongoing festivals happening here in Honiara.

At the cultural village, the Honiara Youth Quake Festival started at eleven o'clock this morning with entertainment provided by Pagasu pan pipers of Isabel province followed by live performances from talented local artists which included the likes of Balbo, Yolanda, Wan haus and small axe.

Apart from bands playing today, drama groups also performed as well as dancing from the various freestyle dancing groups in the capital. The festival is hosted by the Honiara City Council in partnership with various sponsors and will conclude tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the music festival enters its third day of activities today hosted by the Restoration Of the Music Industry of Solomon Island - (ROMISI). The week long event is purposely to restore and promote Solomon Islands music. Hundreds of local bands are taking part in the festival and apart from the music, artifacts as well as foods were being sold at various stalls around town ground where the festival is being held.

The two festivals have attracted large numbers of Honiara residents who cannot make it to Auki for this year's Trade and Cultural show as well as the independence celebrations.