The excitement continues to build in the air as more and more people begin to flood Honiara from the Province and overseas.

The village looks even more spectacular than it was last week, with more fairy lights in the trees, more decorations added and the fake waterfall coming to life. It remains the main attraction as compared to other venues around Honiara.

Hundreds of people around Honiara continue to visit the site on a 24hour basis in awe of the display, the traditional leaf huts, carvings and the architecture of the whole village.

"We never thought Solomon Islands could put on such a show, however with this much effort put into it, we should be able to organize more Regional events! Solomon Islanders should be proud of this moment in history," says a Honiara resident.

Today's traditional showcase at the Ranadi beachfront is only the beginning of the many exciting days ahead until the Festival closes on the 14th of July.