The National Organizing Committee of the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts has launched a special bi-weekly radio program on the National Broadcaster SIBC.

The program is produced by the Festival Media and Communications Committee as part of a nation-wide awareness program about the festival.

Solomon Islands are hosting the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts from the 1st to the 14th of July 2012.

A statement from the committee says besides the radio program, a number of media awareness and promotions on TV, newspapers and online will soon follow.

Chairperson of the Media and Communications Committee, George Herming, said raising awareness about such a big regional Arts and Cultural event is crucial as the country prepares to host around three thousand participants from 27 Pacific countries.

"Awareness is a key component of preparations toward the event as it will help our people know exactly what the festival means and what we need to do to prepare our country for our regional visitors as well as tourists," said Mr Herming.

The special festival program on SIBC targets mature audiences throughout the country while a series of programs specially designed for young audiences will be aired on the FM stations in Honiara.

Mr Herming also explained that newspaper and Television promotions will also be carried out to ensure maximum publicity for the festival is achieved in the short period of time left for the festival.

Mr Herming says that a festival website is expected to be launched at the end of July providing essential guide to potential visitors.