Renowned local artist and former national soccer rep, Brian Feni has successfully completed a work of art at the Solomon Breweries Limited’s (SolBrew) new event centre, SolBrew@Sea.

SolBrew commissioned the talented artist to create a mural capturing Solomon Islands cultural elements interspersed with their brands on the external wall of the SolBrew@Sea event centre. Brian’s black and white work not only captured the attention of SolBrew employees but also of onlookers who walk past the area.

In a statement SolBrew’s Managing Director, Peralt van der Merwe said he was very pleased with Brian’s work and is quite proud of the new look that Mr. Feni helped create for their new venue SolBrew@Sea.

The soft-spoken talented artist, Brian Feni was very humbled by Mr. van der Merwe’s praise thanking SolBrew for believing in his work and trusting him with the project.

SolBrew’s statement explained that the idea for this job came up when, during renovations of the new venue, they saw the potential for external wall to feature some local artwork. It was also a great opportunity to support local artists who had their livelihood severely impacted by the drop in tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Feni said “this year has not been easy for us fellow Artists, we found it very difficult to sell our art works and to find jobs. So I am very humbled by SolBrew’s request for me to do the SolBrew@Sea wall.”

“I like to put my best in whatever I do and this work at SolBrew is one of my finest works of art and I am thankful to SolBrew for giving me and the two artists that I engaged to assist me this great opportunity” Mr Feni said.

SolBrew hopes that other businesses may have small jobs that that could help artists like Brian Feni.

Source: Press Release