The Solomon Islands and the Samoan Governments are expected to start discussing soon compensation claims over the death the late 26-year old Hilda Ilibae, a trainee nurse, killed in a tragic road accident last Friday night.

The Police are investigating the fatal accident on the Ngossi road and the involvement of a Ramsi vehicle, believed to have been driven by a Samoan member of the PPF.

Interviews with various sources say that the office of the Director of the Public Prosecution (DPP) will lay charges against the Samoan-Ramsi officer, if the investigating police find enough evidence against him.

It is also understood that there are no provisions, in the Facilitation Act governing RAMSI's operations in Solomon Islands, which prevents the DPP from exercising his power in law to lay charges against the Samoan-Ramsi police officer. The only question in relation to the Facilitation Act will be whether the Samoan police officer will be tried here in the Solomon Islands or in Samoa.

Reliable sources have stated that since last Friday's fatal accident the Samoan Government has so far, not requested its officer to be repatriated back to Samoa to await the outcome of the police investigation into the accident.

The Commander of the RAMSI PPF Dennis McDermott and Acting Police Commissioner Peter Marshall met the family of the late Hilda last Saturday and the question of compensation was raised by the family.

McDermott said in a press conference yesterday that he gave an assurance to the family that he would facilitate discussions on the issue of compensation after the funeral, but that it was really a matter between the Solomon Islands and the Samoan Governments to address.