The Australian High Commission office in Honiara says it has received reports of individuals falsely offering labour mobility jobs.

"Please be aware, there are no agents registered in Solomon Islands to recruit for the Seasonal Worker Programme or the Pacific Labour Scheme. Please be wary of any individual claiming to facilitate work in Australia with “Silverton” or “Silverthrone," the Australian High Commission said through social media postings.  

"Prospective workers should not, under any circumstances, pay money to individuals promising work. Anyone who is approached by someone claiming to facilitate work in Australia in exchange for money, should contact the Labour Mobility Unit (LMU contact - 21250) immediately and report the incident." 

The Seasonal Worker Programme is seen by many locals as an opportunity to work in Australia. The program offers employers in the agriculture sector and employers in selected locations in the accommodation sector access to a reliable, returning workforce when there is not enough local Australian labour to meet seasonal demand.

Similalry, the Pacific Labour Scheme, which commenced on 1 July 2018, is building on the success of the Seasonal Worker Programme. The Scheme is demand driven and is considered a "win win" as it helps fill the labour gaps in Australia's towns and regional areas while providing employment to Pacific Islanders.