Public bus operators are calling for fairness from the public.

Currently bus fares are charged at $3 for adults and $2 for students.

According to bus conductor, Watson Fekau, many members of the public are only providing $2 as their bus fare, rather than the usual $3.

This has brought frustrations among public bus operators who stated that the fares as provided by the public do not cover the entire cost of operating a public transport business.

The rise in fuel has been the risen for the rise in bus fares, however according to Watson Fekau; this has been an issue most public transport users do not understand.

Watson Fekau along with other public transport owners are calling on the public to be more understanding and provide bus fares as according to the rate.

Solomon Islands along with other developing nations have been strongly hit with the rise in food and fuel prices. Rise in bus fares are one of the many problems related to the high price of fuel and food in the global market.