Few students, who started their first year through Distant Flexible Learning (DFL) at the University of South Pacific's Solomon Islands Campus, are still stranded and waiting for answers from the National Training Unit (NTU) in Honiara.

One of the disgruntled student stated that the scholarships given to them was for three years, "but the government came up with a new policy to put us here at the USP Solomon Islands campus to do our first year."

He said that when they were given the scholarships, they were supposed to take up a total of eight courses, "but the USP center here in Honiara could only provide less than eight."

The student stated that seeing that alot of the core courses were not offered "most of us were completing those core courses, not offered through DFL in Honiara, when we went to the main campus in Fiji."

The source told Solomon Times that all the extension students had already written their reasons for extensions and given their transcripts, "but all the delays are coming from the NTU."

"As a student, I'm, very worried because school will start on Monday, but we still not receiving anything from the NTU," he added.