An English FA Youth Junior Course for coaches is currently underway at the SIFF Academy.

Participants of this course are coaches who coach divisions 1 and 2 clubs in the Honiara Football Association DJ League.

This programme comes under the English FA Technical programme for Solomon Islands and Fiji. Similar courses were organized previously for the two countries. Under this programme, the English FA provides all course materials, equipment and resource persons.

One of the resource persons, John Williams told the participants in his brief opening remarks that they would be flexible with the sessions.

"Today we'll start with warm-up and in the coming days we will do other things like shooting, passing and dribbling," he said.

The participants would be shown different methods of warm up that is from basic for little children to more advanced for adults.

The course is expected to end this Friday, however, the two resource persons, Carter and Williams will remain until the end of next week to administer an advanced coaching course for senior coaches.

Those nominated for this course will come from the provincial football associations and Honiara.

SIFF Development officer, Noel Wagapu confirmed the course participants would mainly be those who attended a previous FA coaching programme.

All provincial participants are expected to travel to Honiara next week and the provincial football association will meet their travel expenses.