Ex-Selwyn college students studying and working in Fiji have rendered assistance to Selwyn college school with a new school projector.

The group which comprises of students from the University of the South Pacific, Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji Institute of Technology and former students who are now working in Fiji raised more than $2000 Fijian Dollars in last month's fundraising drive.

The fundraising was the first of its kind for former students of Selwyn College in Suva and "... it is a timely assistance based on communal effort of individuals who saw the need to help Selwyn College improve specifically in its school facilities."

The group was formed following the recent flooding in Guadalcanal which had drastic impact on the school facilities.

"The initial plan of the fundraising committee was to assist in upgrading of computer facilities in Selwyn College," Mr. Leguvaka explained.

But following a request from the school principal for a school projector and financial assistance for publication of this year's school magazine, his committee decided to assist firstly in getting a new projector for the school.

"This is but one of many assistance that my committee will embark on in supporting Selwyn College in years to come."

Mr. Leguvaka acknowledged those who have given their support and put their hands together in helping to upgrade the school facilities.

"Although we are not big in number, it is just amazing to see individuals coming out with their hearts to show support for a school that has shaped and helped alot of us who are here and in other international institutions to pursue and achieve our goals and dreams".

He challenged other former student in other international institutions apart from Fiji to show their support and help improve the standard of learning in Selwyn College "... as this institution will be for our children and children's children."

The committee members are Chairperson Mr. William Leguvaka, Vice Chairperson Ms. Maselon Loy, Secretary Ms. Lyn Vaike and Treasurer Mr. Ben Salepo.