Police have given until today afternoon for people who own semi-permanent betel-nut stalls at White river and Rove markets to pull down those stalls.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Walter Kola says the operation to weed out crime in the two locations is not yet over.

Honiara City Council law enforcement authorities moved in on Monday to demolish betel-nut stalls in the two public markets, which were also used to sell liquor without license, kwaso, and marijuana.

Mr Kola says about 100 police officers have assisted the City Council in Monday's operation.

Some semi-permanent buildings, which are used to sell betel nut and food items are still standing in the two market spots.

Mr Kola says owners of those stalls have until Friday to move out.

He says Police and the City Council will ensure that no stalls are built on government land or city council land.

Mr Kola says owners of those stalls have not acquired any business license from the council and their trading activities were illegal.