The European Union remains Solomon Islands single largest multilateral development corporation partner.

This was revealed by the Solomon Islands Prime Minister during the Solomon Islands-European Union dialogue this week at the Honiara Hotel.

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo, says this partnership will continue to remain relevant for Solomon Islands as it continues to recover from the effects of the ethnic tension and as it manages and mitigates the effects of the global economic situation.

Mr Lilo says Solomon Islands is aware that EU is working towards determining and finalising an 11th E-D-F package for corporation and is looking forward to be informed of the specific allocation of resources for it's National Indicative Programs.

He says Solomon Islands remains committed and eager to work with EU towards using such resources to improve the livelihood of it's people.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Lilo says the country's insular geographic features render it's vulnerability to many natural disasters.

Mr Lilo says therefore, climate change features highly on the agenda for the government of Solomon Islands, thus mainstreamed into the National development Strategy 2011-2020.

He adds that European Union's support to the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Management has greatly assisted the Ministry to develop the recently launched Solomon Islands Climate Change Policy.

He said the five-day meeting was especially to pass the 2012 Supplementary Bill.