The European Union Micro Project handed over yet another classroom in front of visibly proud teachers and excited young students, who will now have a comfortable environment to learn.

Officials from the EU Micro Project officially opened two new classrooms at the Naha Seventh Day Adventist School.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, a representative from the EU, Mr. Alrick Rore said that the official hand over "was part of their aim to provide rural communities with greater access to improved educational infrastructures."

Mr. Rore stated that the need to improve educational infrastructures throughout the country is so that "the children of Solomon Islands can have access to a higher standard of a comfortable environment."

However, Mr. Alrick Rore said that the building project is the easy part the challenge is the upkeep of the new buildings. "These buildings should be carefully looked after and used...the greater responsibility lies upon your shoulders, and this is to ensure that what we have built together must be kept in good condition."

One of the teachers spoken to said that the building would mean greater access to education by young children. "In the Solomon Islands education is still a privilege, now that privilege can be extended to those who have been left out because of a lack of space."