The financing agreement for the second European Union Solomon Islands Technical Cooperation Facility (TCF II) has been signed this week in Honiara.

As a Minister for Development Planning and Aid Coordination, Hon. Connelly Sandakabatu signed on behalf of the country.

TCF II is a financing agreement established to build government capacity for service delivery to rural people, using funds from EU.

“The signing of this financing agreement today marks another milestone in the partnership and the cooperation between the European Commission and the Solomon Islands as articulated in the Cotonou agreement,” Sandakabatu said.

He said the purpose of the program is to provide technical and logistical support for the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination to build and sustain service delivery.

“TCF II is to provide technical and logistic support to the ministry (MDPAC) and the line ministries and non state sector s to build and sustain more effective country systems and service delivery, policy, coordination, budgeting process, and monitoring of outcomes..

“The expected results of TCF II are; to improve capacities in the responsible ministry to fulfil its role in implementation of the National Development Strategy, and to improve efficiency and visibility of EU-SIG Cooperation.”

European Union Charge de’ Affaires, Eoghan Walsh commended the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination for the work done on the first TCF I.

“The first phase of TCF I has been done properly and we commended the responsible ministry for implementing it.

“We are looking forward for our close cooperation in this second phase”.

Sandakabatu thanked the European Union for the partnership agreement.

“On behalf of the people and the Solomon Islands Government, I would like to thank the European Union for their continuous support to the Solomon Islands.

“We will continue to work closely with the EU in our joint endeavour to address the pressing development priorities to effectively and efficiently maximize the best utilisation of the EU development assistance to Solomon Islands”.

The total budget for this EU funded project is approximately €1.18 million (SBD$11.1 million).