The Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) Committee will launch its online portal today.

In a statement on the update of work being done by the Foreign Investment Division-led joint agency operation, Business Monitoring Joint Agencies Committee (BMJAC), the committee announces its intention to launch the online portal on the 11th December.

“The lists of all ESP recipients will be made available after the launch of the online portal on Friday this week”, the statement reads.

The public and the media have been calling on the committee to release the list of recipients of the ESP assistance for quite some time already.

However, Chairman of the Committee, Mckinnie Dentana says the government will release the names of recipients through an online database.

A list was circulated via social media recently, to which the committee regarded as an unverified and not the final list.

Since then, they have engaged a private company to build the database on the ESP recipients.

It is understood that people will not be able to access the full list of names through the online portal but can only search for names of companies or individuals who have received support from the government.