Members of the Economic Stimulus Committee continues to reach out to rural communities to spread awareness about the Government’s initiative.

During their recent visit to communities in the Gao-Bugotu Constituency, the team visited Lepi, Midoru, Poro, Tataba and Nagholau village.

As part of the visit, the team took the opportunity to visit and talk to existing farmers, tourism operators, fishermen and women about their needs.

The team also took the opportunity to do site visits to farms, fisheries centres, copra sheds and see other economic activities that are taking place in the rural areas.

Members of the team also used the opportunity to get a variety of information related to the immediate needs that rural dwellers might have to be active players in contributing to the economy.

The committee also calls on all who are eligible for the stimulus package to make use of the opportunity and to make sure that the intended outcome is reached.

The primary objective of the ESP is to assist the productive sector players to maintain production output at all levels of the production chain.

Source: OPMC Press Release