Four officers of the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) are among hundreds of Solomon Islands students’ who received their academic qualification as graduates of the University of the South Pacific (USP) in a graduation ceremony held on 29th October, 2021 in Honiara.

The accomplishment was made possible through the ministry’s support in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Service (MPS). The aim is to ensure all officers are trained and equipped with relevant skills and knowledge, to enable them to carry out the ministry’s key function and programs effectively and efficiently as guided by the ministry’s strategic goal.

The graduated officers are; Agnes Bopi Tanihorara who graduated with Master of Business Administration (MBA), Gabriel Manetiva, Constance Wane and Joy Tealiklava with Postgraduate Diploma in Social Policy and Administration.

This list of graduates adds to the other four officers who graduated last year. They are Allan Lilia with Master of Business Administration (MBA) from USP, Timothy Paoka, Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting from the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), George Balairamo with International Masters in Environmental Sustainable Development from National Central University, Taiwan and George Hickson who graduated with Master of Governance and Public Policy from the University of Queensland, St. Lucia Campus, Brisbane, Australia.

“Enhancing staff capacity to remain competent, and achieving the ministry’s overarching goals is paramount,” Deputy Secretary Corporate (DSC) Constance Wane said.

Ms. Wane who is also amongst the graduated staff added that continuous capacity building is an integral part of an organisation, to augment employee’s performance.

“As such, the ministry’s human resources strategy resolves to being committed to staff trainings and upskilling. Ultimately a well-trained, dynamic and highly motivated workforce is crucial to any organisation. And the best way to raise employees to such standards is to invest in their ongoing development.”

“The newly graduate’s academic attainments are a bonus and boost for the ministry’s workforce. Therefore, we thank the government through MRD, MPS and relevant academic institutions to ensure successful completion of our trainings/study programs in this unprecedented times.

"This is a milestone achievement for our life time and it demonstrated individual resilience as well as government’s ongoing commitment towards human resource development in the Solomon Islands government public service.”

MRD Communications and Public Relations Unit (CPRU) will ran separate feature success stories of the graduates in the coming weeks.

Source: MRD Media