Frustrated workers of the Wings Shipping Company are complaining of waiting too long for their redundancy package payment.

The eight workers who speak on the condition of anonymity said they have been made redundant a month ago and still waiting for payment.

One worker said they were told reason to delay was because the business owner, who is prominent in the local business field, did not agree to some of the conditions required in the package.

Disgruntled workers have decided to take the matter to the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers (SINUW) over what is legally due to them.

"According to the law, it is legal that the company pays us the full amount of our package and not just part of it," one worker told Solomon Times.

They warned that the issue will be pursued hard and "we will look into ways to take the matter to court".

Solomon Times was informed that this is "very small amount of money" for a big business to refuse for a small number of men.

The workers said it is beyond them why paying the whole package is an issue for the prominent business man.