The office of the electoral commission is preparing for the bye-election of the two Malaita Constituencies after the passing away of their MPs.

The Chief Electoral Officer Musu Kevu stated that they are working around the clock to submit to the Commissioner and the Minister of Home Affairs the date for the election day.

"We will forward everything to the government and if they provide the budget for bye-election, before the end of this year the bye-election will take place," said Mr Kevu "It will take 5 to 6 months to prepare everything before we could inform voters from the two constituencies."

Mr Kevu said that the bye-election was something the Commission did not budget for so they will have to depend on the government to provide the money. The two constituencies need to have their representative in parliament before the parliament meets said Mr Kevu.

However, Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, Sam Alasia, said it is still in the process and they are awaiting the Electoral Commission for their proposed plan, and if the government approves it, then they will provide the budget for the bye-election.

"Bye-election is something where the commission should think about in order to give chance to the two constituencies, to ensure their voices are heard during the next budget by the end of this year," Mr Alasia said.