If the Solomon Islands urbanization reaches 50 percent by 2050, at least half-a-million people will be residing in Honiara.

This was revealed by New Zealand based researcher Professor David Craig recently while speaking to SIBC news.

He also stated that 50 years ago during the first census in Solomon Islands, the total population stood at 125-thousand. He says that this is equivalent to the current population in Honiara.

This also means that urbanization has grown to 125 thousand approximately the total population 50 years ago.

Professor Craig who has long term interests in cities, migration and opportunities in the Pacific says that urbanization does not come free but also with a huge cost to the country's environment, economy and even people's lifestyles.

He says many countries around the world have dealt with urbanization successfully while others are struggling to cope with its negative impacts.

Professor Craig says to avoid the negative effects of urbanization politicians need to come up with good and effective policies.

He says whilst the economic growth centers proposed by the government will help in alleviating the rate of urbanization it takes more than the growth centers to influence the rate of urbanization.