Education authorities are called on to sort teachers' payment of sea fares for the end of the year breaks.

Industrial Relations Officer for the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association (SINTA), John Lee Hatimoana, said talks have taken place with the education authorities on the matter.

He said that although government has already paid the 25 education authorities a sum of SBD$6,470,000, teachers are not receiving what is due to them.

Mr. Hatimoana said teachers are complaining that the amount received is not even half the money expected to be distributed.

In acknowledging the government for playing their part in handing a big bulk of money, Mr. Hatimoana accused the education authorities of failing to do their part in distributing the money equally.

"The disappointing part of the deal is that the Ministry of Education gave a proforma for education authorities to follow on payments, which does not seem to be the case with teachers complaining of unfair distribution taking place," the Solomon Times was informed.

It was revealed that teachers are only receiving payment for one-way fare, instead of the expected payment of return fare.

"SINTA and teachers should not be blamed for lateness in returning to resume duty as the fault is directly on the education authorities for their unfair distribution of payments," Mr. Hatimoana said.