The Solomon Islands Government’s committee looking after the Covid-19 Economic Stimulus Package (Covid-19 ESP) are currently reaching out to rural communities.

This is to disseminate information and create awareness to people in the rural areas about the purpose and aim of the economic stimulus package.

The team also used the opportunity to scope and observe some of the potential areas that communities can benefit with assistance from the stimulus package.

The committee recently visited communities in East Guadalcanal Constituency and will also be visiting other communities around the country.

The purpose of the program is to encourage communities to take part in livelihood activities in their rural communities and to contribute to the economic development of the country.

The committee also calls on all existing operators who are eligible for the stimulus package to make use of the opportunity and to make sure that the intended outcome is reached.

The Covid-19 ESP was approved by Cabinet to address the negative economic impact created by the corona virus pandemic on the local economy.

The primary objective of the ESP is to assist the productive sector stakeholders to maintain productive output at all levels of the production chain.

The committee and awareness team were accompanied by Member of Parliament for East Guadalcanal, Hon. Bradley Tovosia, MP.

Source: OPMC Press Release