People of East Choiseul Constituency can now access Internet services following the installation of the service at the constituency's Growth Centre.

The Growth Centre was established at Gagara to fulfill the policy initiative of the Solomon Islands Government in "establishing economic growth centres" in Solomon Islands.

East Choiseul MP Manasseh Sogavare says the completion of such modern communication equipments mark a milestone in the developmental initiative of his constituency.

He says constituents and visitors to the constituency now have an important tool which provides opportunities to develop personal and communal aspirations.

The V-SAT broadband services will enable users to access online resources on the Internet for information gathering, use and dissemination.

Users can also use this service to communicate.

People can send or receive electronic mails to and from important stakeholders such as businesses, government services agencies, civil and social services agencies, families and friends, as well as having access to local, regional and global information resources online.

The People First Network, a project of the Rural Development Volunteers Association, helped setup the Internet Service in East Choiseul.