Residents of Lilisiana village, close to Malaita provincial capital, Auki town, are complaining over the rubbish dump that is alongside the road leading to their village.

According to disgruntled villagers, the rubbish dump had been moved from its original site and has found itself a new spot.

Villagers told Solomon Times that the dump is of great concern to them as it is not only bad for the environment but a threat to the people's health and well-being.

An elderly man from Siwai village, Lilisiana, George Tafisifera, said that the new dump site is where "the whole town's rubbish is being dumped".

"Rubbish collected from all over Auki town are being brought and dumped here at the road that enters our village," he said.

Mr. Tafisifera said that the unpleasant odor that travels through the village added to wastes washing up during high tide is "very unhygienic for all of us in the village".

"Responsible authorities should take into consideration the importance of the health of the people of the province," he said.

Mr. Tafisifera said that he has written a letter on behalf of the community to responsible authorities on the matter but has received no response.

"Our main concern is the danger of an outbreak in the village as the dump site attracts insects, flies and the odor of things rotting away is unbearable."

He said the call from villagers is for responsible authorities to relocate the location of the rubbish site.

"Set aside health concerns, an issue we find unacceptable is the fact that the dumping of rubbish in the current areas was without the consent of landowners," Mr. Tafisifera said.

According to the village elderly, the current rubbish dump site is located on customary land.