Drivers are complaining that blame always fall on those behind the wheels when pedestrians are just as careless.

"Every time there is high rate of road accidents, drivers are the first ones to be blamed when people along the road are also very inconsiderate," a truck driver, Nason Bria told Solomon Times.

He said that while proper crossings are in place, "you see people running across the road where it is so awkward sometimes for drivers".

Mr. Bria pointed out the Honiara Central Market area as a common spot where pedestrians become "boss of the roads".

"It is worse during peak hours when traffic is heavy and people crossing the road are not being careful and act like they have all the right to disturb traffic," Mr. Bria said.

He said that it is for that reason that there are often unavoidable accidents on the road "because pedestrians are so careless at times".

Mr. Bria said that this not only put pedestrians at risk but also the drivers themselves.

Apart from the crossings, overhead and underground walkways have been built for pedestrians to use "but they seem to prefer running across the road in front of moving vehicles".