Dream Cast Theatre Solomon Islands is joining the fight against COVID-19 through short films.

Supported by Oxfam, Dream cast theatre will deliver a series of films to create general awareness on hygiene practices against COVID-19.

Dream Cast Theatre Solomon Islands President, Neil Nuia says Dream Cast saw the need to support national efforts particularly to share simple COVID19 information to all citizens in the country.

“Dream Cast is made up of talented change makers. We love what we do and that is we won’t stop with the whole bunch of film makers, acting cast and content creators".

Nuia said the information will be shared through online platforms and will also be shared through all means possible with the help of Oxfam Solomons and Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

The theatre group is showing their support through the series of video productions.

According to the theatre group, clips shared online will be approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

They say it is important people should understand simple practices to reduce COVID19.

The Dream Cast series of films will be simplified so that people of all ages will be able to understand.

In the meantime Dream Cast Art Theatre Solomon Islands had launched their first film online at the MHMS this week.