People of Honiara took to the streets in the Walk of Solidarity Against Corruption to commemorate the World Anti-Corruption Day, recognized throughout the world.

The walk yesterday started at the Honiara City Council parking area and ended at the Cultural Village where the program was held.

Speaking at the end of the walk, the Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Sir Peter Kenilorea, highlighted on the theme: "Corruption: an enemy to national progress".

He said that in diverse nations such as Solomon Islands, what is considered corrupt or legitimate varies from one cultural group to the next.

Dr. Sir. Peter defined the word corruption, for today's purpose, as 'the abuse of entrusted powers for personal gain'.

He stressed that an author of the Asian-Pacific Human Development Report on Tackling Corruption, Reforming Live launched in the country earlier this year by the UNDP, commented that corruption has many damaging effects that weaken national institutions, inequitable social service and blatant injustice in the courts.

Dr. Sir Peter said that in his experience as a national leader of Solomon Islands, "corruption has been the biggest obstacle to the nation's development and the effect of it has been disastrous."

"It is hoped that following this morning's walk, we will help each other in strengthening our resolve to do something because it is never too late to act".

He said that the nation can always act with the future of its children in mind, adding on the need for law-abiding people of the Solomons to help tackle corruption in the country.

Dr. Sir Peter appealed to all in the country to do something about corruption "wherever you can, in the home, in the office, in the media and also in the ballot box".