The SIBC has reported that the impending motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare will be tabled by the Northeast Guadalcanal M-P and former minister for Education and Human Resources Development, Dr Derick Sikua.

Reports from the SIBC have stated that the Opposition has given notice for a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister to be tabled when Parliament resumes before the end of the year.

It is also understood that the mover of the motion, Dr Sikua, served the notice to Parliament last Friday. He would not reveal reasons in the no confidence motion, saying it remains confidential at this stage.

Dr Sikua also brushed aside claims by the Prime Minister that those that defected to the Opposition camp were misled by the former Finance Minister, Gordon Lilo.

"On a personal level, I have been quite uncomfortable serving under a prime minister who is perpetually suspicious of anybody who stands up to him or differs from his opinion," said Sikua.

Sikua went on to say that the Prime Minister has become too "fixated on hanging onto power and has become quite paranoid about those holding views that are different from his own." Dr Sikua said that this was quite evident in some of the irrational decisions he has taken.

Dr Sikua confirmed to the SIBC that his group, which comprises nine former government M-Ps and parliamentary opposition, is confident they will push the motion through.

Opposition leader, Fred Fono, says empty ministerial portfolios are proof that the Prime Minister lacks the number to rule.

SIBC News could not confirm the motion with the office of the Clerk to Parliament.