Solomon Islands Foreign Affairs Minister, William Haomae has described a media report that Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua had snubbed Rudd as fabricated lies.

Mr. Haomae said that the story is totally misleading and that it was not true that Prime Minister Sikua had caused a diplomatic embarrassment for allegedly failing to turn up for his Australian Counterpart Kevin Rudd's speech at the recent United Nations General Assembly Meeting in New York.

"The head line on the front page of Island Sun News Paper on their Wednesday is an unsubstantiated story which, the Sun should not have published without first cross checking for independent and credible verification," Mr. Haomae said.

He explained that when Mr. Rudd arrived to address the General Assembly Prime Minister Sikua was attending another bilateral meeting held by the Fiji Mission with other neighboring countries to talk about the political situation in Fiji with the Fiji Interim Prime Minister Commodore Bainimarama.

Mr. Haomae said that at that time the Prime Minister Derek Sikua authorized former Foreign Minister Laurie Chan who is also the Chairman of the Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee to congratulate, Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd after he delivered his speech.

"So Laurie Chan was representing the Solomon Islands Government during the session when the Australian Prime Minister delivered his speech to the UN General Assembly," according to Foreign Minister Haomae.

Mr. Haomae said, due to time overlap during the bilateral meetings they held with Fiji, he said Sikua cannot missed the meeting because they have invited the head of government to attend because it's a regional issue for heads of government must participate.

He told National Express, they attend various bilateral meetings with neighboring countries such as, Fiji, Tonga, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu and other countries in the Pacific.

Haomae said it's now time for media in Solomon must properly reporting to the public on information's that is substantial and accurate other wise they will be misleading the public.

National Express