Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua yesterday moved the Sine Die motion signaling the end of Parliament.

During the Sine Die debate, Dr Sikua highlighted some of the issues raised in Parliament including actions his government is taking and will be taking.

According to Dr. Sikua, Solomon Islands has faced many challenges, one of which is the planned change of constitution which will be seen as locally owned and applicable in all levels of government.

Dr Sikua said Solomon Islands must now try to rebuild its economy on its own and avoid being dependent on overseas aid to finance its future.

Also raised was the need to restore and improve systems that can sustain policing, law and order that were easily corrupted and broken during the ethnic crisis.

The Prime Minister said Solomon Islands must also provide employment for the growing young population and provide protection from diseases such as that of Malaria, TB and HIV and AIDS.

The parliament will officially end on Wednesday.