The Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua, has denied that there is a split in the CNURA Government Camp.

He made the denial today following a statement by the Opposition Leader, Manasseh Sogavare about the split.

But Dr Sikua says the Government remains firm and solid, adding he enjoys the overwhelming support his Ministers and Backbenchers provide for his leadership.

He says the fact the Government Camp has increased its number to 41 Parliamentarians is a sure affirmation of the overwhelming support.

The split is attributed to a number of Ministers and Backbenchers joining the newly former Solomon's National Alliance Party (SNAP).

But Prime Minister Sikua says the matter has been successfully and amicable resolved at Government Caucus.

He adds it was agreed nearly six weeks ago that their membership to SNAP be postponed until the 2010 National General Elections as they are already members of political groupings that form the CNURA Government.

And on the question of Finance and Treasury Minister Snyder Rini taking over leadership, Prime Minister Sikua says it is non issue.

He says Mr Rini had been offered the position of SNAP leader, but he declined the offer as he is currently the Parliamentary Wing Leader of the Association of Independent Members Group, adding the offer was not to take over the CNURA leadership.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Dr Sikua assures Solomon Islands that the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government through its Ministers and Backbenchers is moving ahead to implement the programmes it has promised to ensure rural advancement.

He says that with the strong support, the CNURA Government can deliver the programmes during the remaining part of 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Dr Sikua says while he appreciates Mr Sogavare's call for firmness on the CNURA Ministers and Backbenchers, he is happy with their current cooperation and determination to ascertain the advancement of Solomon Islands rural areas.

National Express