The East Honiara bye-election has taken an unusual turn late yesterday afternoon with Dr George Manimu, one of the twenty six candidates, demanding that the counting be stopped.

The counting had to be temporarily stopped after Dr. Manimu expressed dissatisfaction while observing counting at the polling station.

Dr. Manimu, currently trailing Milikada in second place, called on the returning officer, Mr. Cornelius Tariga from the Electoral Commission office, to halt further counting as their appears to be irregularities. Dr. Manimu questioned how it was possible for Milikada to lead all polling stations, even in areas where he had little support.

Dr. Manimu then stormed out of the room stating that he will be signing a petition against the counting of the ballot boxes.

Solomon Times understand that a dialogue with the Electoral Commissioner together with Dr. Manimu will occur sometime today.

The result of the election will be made known later this morning.