The Acting Police Commissioner Peter Marshall stated yesterday during a press conference that the actions of Dr. George Manimu may have been illegal.

According to the Police Commissioner, for a candidate to enter the building where the counting of votes is taking place is wrong and unacceptable.

Peter Marshall said that the counting of votes should be the job of the Electoral Commission, "and for any candidate to enter the building and make an announcement to the general public is wrong," he added.

Mr. Marshall said that if they receive an official complaint from the Electoral Commission, the candidate concerned may become the subject of a criminal investigation.

Marshall stated that if a candidate has complaints then they should raise the matter with the appropriate authorities after the election. "They can do whatever they want to do in terms of a is not the business of the police," said Mr. Marshall.

"It is the matter of the Electoral Commission, police are here just to make sure that the process ended without any interference," said Mr. Marshall.