Deputy Prime Minister, Toswell Kaua, urges parliamentarians supporting foreign interests to leave Solomon Islands as they have no loyalty to protect the country's sovereignty.

Mr Kaua was making reference to some opposition MPs who lately united with foreign forces to wage an anti-government campaign against the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

"It saddens me most to note that those who advocate to be the mouthpiece in protecting the affairs of Solomon Islands people have opted to do the opposite."

"Those people concerned should not reside in Solomon Islands but rather be repatriated to the country of their interest in order to use the more advanced platform in advocating and advancing those interests," Kaua said.

He said it would be of paramount importance that leaders put their priorities right.
He said by doing that it would give them more time and energy to focus and put right what is good for the people and country.

"We need to change our attitudes and ways of doing things and think like Solomon Islanders and avoid the usual mindset of continuing to maintain the status quo."

"We must not draw into someone else's affairs and be used as their puppet. If the current status quo is not in the best interest of Solomon Islands then why do we have to entertain it?" he said.

Kaua said if leaders are not prepared to do that then they would not address tangible changes that are pertinent for the advancement of the country.

Mr Kaua said leaders must be reminded not to continue to repeat the legacy of the past but build on those experiences for the advancement and development of Solomon Islands.

"This should be the fundamental obligation of all 50 elected Members of Parliament. We must at all cost put our people, our country first before ourselves."

"We are not elected to represent the interest of others but the interest of our constituents and none other," he said.