The Don Bosco School was in celebration frenzy when Solomon Times went to visit them on Friday 15th during their Family Day celebrations.

The Family Day is an annual event celebrated by both students and their families. This year's theme is "The Family, Cradle of Life and Love."

Also celebrated was the Assumption Day and the Don Bosco day, which although should have been held on the 16th to commemorate Don Bosco's birthday was moved to the 15th to celebrate together with the Family Day.

The day began with a church mass which then continued with a day of games where both families and students were involved with.

"This event is one where all students look forward to. s always exciting to have one day with our families to play games and compete against other school mates. It is also a great chance to know each others families more," stated one student from Don Bosco.

The day ended with trophy and prize presentations to the winning teams of the games.