It has been reported that at least twenty dolphins have been sold to a local company for at least SBD $2,000 each.

The resumption in the sale of dolphins locally has brought about a stern warning from long time environmentalist campaigner and now City Councilor Lawrence Makili.

"There are huge implications if these dolphins are allowed to leave the country," Makili said. "In fact, the ban on the export of dolphins has not been lifted, so it would also be illegal."

Makili stated that the international community is watching developments very closely and appropriate actions will be taken. "I can confidently say that if we allow these dolphins to be exported, traditional trading partners such as the EU may ban the importation of our tuna," said Makili. "Imagine the effect that would have on our local economy."

Makili has warned local sellers to be aware of the consequences of their action. "Sure it's quick cash, but that's no where compared to the possible backlash our country may suffer."