A new documentary capturing the experiences of Solomon Islands women had premiered last Sunday on One Television.

A five part series, Mere Blong Iumi, Stori Blong Olketa, records the extraordinary experiences of Solomon Islands women in recent history as peacemakers, parliamentarians, business leaders, educators and homemakers - in their own words and for the first time.

Mere Blong Iumi features nineteen Solomon Islands women who share their thoughts, experiences and aspirations. Their stories reflect the history and progress of the Solomon Islands, as well as the complex issues still facing the nation today.

RAMSI's Special Coordinator Nicholas Coppel believes the documentary will help capture an important aspect of Solomon Islands history.

"We hope Mere Blong Iumi will stand as an important and frank historical record for future generations. And that it will serve as an inspiration to the thousands of men and women who are genuinely interested in working in partnership to realise the wonderful potential of this nation," Mr Coppel said.

Mere Blong Iumi was produced locally by RAMSI's Public Affairs Unit.

The documentary will be aired over five weeks on Sundays on One Television.

Copies of the DVD can be obtained from RAMSI's Public Affairs Unit by calling 25122 or emailing info@ramsi.org.

Source: Press Release, RAMSI