Transparency Solomon Islands has come out strong against government's intention to lift Julian Moti's suspension.

"When a government continues to push for an appointment in defiance of the Public Service Commissions suspension indicates how very little respect there would be for the rule of law from a government advised by Julian Moti" TSI stated in a statement. "The PSC is there to protect the nation's interest we urge them not to bow to political pressure"

TSI also stated that Mr Moti entered the country under extraordinary circumstances indicating how far one will go to pursue their own self interest. "Mr Moti's mere presence is tarnishing the reputation of the legal fraternity" TSI said. "We are urging the government to do the right thing and send Moti to face up to charges laid against him"

The local anti-corruption body also stated that it appears that Mr Moti is working behind the scenes advising the government on how best to go around legal and constitutional matters. "This is done for self interest and not that of the nation"

TSI warns that Mr Moti has had a history of manipulating systems of governance to further his own agenda. "So we respectfully call on the government to adhere to the separation of powers between the lawmakers and law enforcers as this is a fundamental pre condition to a free and fair society" TSI stated.