Disgruntled workers of the Solomon Security Service firm have raised claims on rates being paid to them.

In an interview with the Solomon Times, SINUW General Secretary, Mr. Tony Kagovai, said that SINUW had already signed a collective agreement with the Security firm since the last financial year, 1st October to the 30th September 2006.

Mr. Kagovai said that the agreement is now up for review with log of claims delays and implementation of other issues sent to management of the firm.

He said that a general meeting yesterday with security workers unanimously voted for a 28 days strike notice.

"The strike notice was effective as of yesterday and lapses on 26th November 2007," Mr. Kagovai said.

The strike notice was hand delivered to Management of the firm after the meeting yesterday.

Most of the workers are not happy with the rates that are paid to them and urge the management to do something about it.

Speaking with one security worker, he said that the firm is in joint ownership with Australia and money is being sent to the Solomon Security Service for workers' wages and allowances.

The security said that rates paid is not what is due to them and blames the "middle man" responsible for disseminating payments.

"The company is not giving us the right rates and we blame the middle man, who is in control of the money sent from Australia," the security said.

He explains that money is being processed direct to the middle man, believed to be the in-country's Manager.

"When funds come from Australia and New Zealand, everything is the right process until it lands in the hands of the middle man, we never receive our fair cut including night allowances and housing allowances," he added.

Most of the securities are working for the Embassies of British, New Zealand and Australia.

The security said the middle man has been corrupting company money for too long now and "something has to be done".

"It is a big problem for securities, affecting our living because most of us have families and we need enough to support our children," he said.

The security worker said their fight for justice has gone as far back as last year and they have had enough of the management's decisions.

"Reason to our strike is to let management know their positions in their job and do the right thing," he added.

An attempt to get comments from the firm's management was unsuccessful.