Top officials from the Solomon Islands Government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have signed notes following discussions on a Radio Broadcasting Network for Administering Disaster Prevention project this month.

Mr. Taro Okawa, the team leader of a JICA study team, Mr. Jeremiah Manele, Secretary to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Mr. Fred Fakari'i, Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs, Ms. Jane Wa'etara, Permanent Secretary of Development Planning and Aid Coordination, and Mr. Cornelius Rathamana, General Manager of Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) signed the papers on October 8.

The objective of the project is to provide necessary equipment to SIBC for reliable and stable radio broadcasting service to all islands in Solomon Islands.

At the same time, the project related authorities, such as National Disaster Management Office, Meteorology Division of Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Meteorology, and SIBC are all working on utilizing the equipment by creating a system on emergency warning broadcasting.

The survey on the project was conducted to formulate the project which meets the conditions of the Japan's Grant Aid.

The survey also aims to explain the Japan's Grant Aid Scheme to the recipient country.

The survey consists of three stages; field survey in Solomon Islands, analysis of the collected data & information and preparation of a report in Japan, and explanation of a draft final report, which is scheduled in February, 2010.

Actual installation work will be commencing in the mid 2011.

Source: Press Release (Government Communications Unit)