A Group of landowning tribes claiming original ownership over the Munda international Airport are threatening to close the airport over what they claim as being left out of negotiations for the national infrastructure on their land.

The Gumi, Gemu, Veo, and Miabule tribes claim to be direct descendants of the Kazukuru Patriarchs.

A Chief and spokesman who requested anonymity says the tribes have been totally ignored by the government during the whole process of negotiations.

He says despite numerous attempts to pursue their cause with the Prime Minister and his government- they were continuously being ignored right up to the signing of the Deed of Gift.

The chief says the newly established Kazukuru Land Trust Board, K-L-T-B, whose members are signatories to the Deed of Gift include trustees who are not the rightful landowners.

He claims, the whole process was hijacked by certain parties within K-L-T-B and government.

The chief told the Anti Corruption Network of Solomon Islands, the unhappy tribes are considering closing the Munda International Airport if the government does not immediately address them.

Meanwhile, Nusatupe airport in Gizo will be completed next month. This was announced by the New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray Mcully during the opening of the Munda international runway and Munda- Noro road last Thursday.

Nusatupe airport was closed late May for upgrading to allow the airport to operate in all weather conditions. 


Source: http://www.sibconline.com.sb/