The Public Service Commission has finally appointed nine Directors out of ten to the Economic Growth Center Division who will be directly responsible for the planning, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Government’s Economic Growth Center Policy.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) Mrs. Selina Boso said the nine newly appointed Directors have formally received their letters of appointment from the Public Service Commission on Monday 19th August 2013.

Mrs. Selina Boso confirmed that one final position that is yet to be filled is that of Director Justice.

The Permanent Secretary also revealed upon receiving their confirmation letters two Directors of the Division has already left to the Russell’s do some work regarding the Economic Growth Centre Policy.

“All Directors of the Economic Growth Centre Division will be based in Honiara and the Ministry has already prepared a spacious office for them with all necessary office equipment in place” Mrs. Boso said.

She said the Economic Growth Centre Policy was the flagship of NCRA’S policy of ‘developing of economic growth centers’ throughout the country as sanctioned by the Cabinet in 2011.

The Permanent Secretary is glad that the Director positions within the Economic growth Centre Division are being filled with work expected to take more pace. She therefore thanks the Public Service Commission and Government for their facilitation of the recruitment.

The government under the leadership of Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo with approval of Cabinet transferred the Policy responsibilities of the Economic Growth Centre’s to the Ministry of Rural Development.

The Policy direction entails the establishment of the Economic Growth Centre Division within the Ministry and the recruitment of manpower resources, and the allocation of financial resources required to implement the Economic Growth Centre Policy.

The main responsibility of the Economic Growth Centre Division {EGCD) will be to plan, Coordinate, and Implement and Monitor work on the Development of Economic Growth Centre’s throughout the country.

This responsibility makes up the core functions of the division which are to plan and coordinate with development stakeholders at Government, Donor, NGO’s and others in the implementation of the Economic Growth Centre Policy; plan, coordinate with resource owners, people at the local level in the implementation of the economic growth centre policy.

The other functions are to monitor the overall progress on the development of potential sites for their development into Economic Growth Centre’s within Provinces and constituencies to enhance economic development in the rural areas. As well establish proper links between development stakeholders at national level and resource owners and people at the local level for the development of potential land into Economic Growth Centre’s.

The Economic Growth Centre Division will also provide awareness programs, workshops, seminars to all development stakeholders at all levels. It will also provide efficient administration, financial and logistical support to the planning, coordination, implementation of Economic Growth Centre Policy.

Finally, it will provide reports to relevant authorities in the implementation Progress of Economic Centre sites identified.

The latest Economic Growth Centre to be launched was Tatamba Substation on Sunday 7 April 2013 in the Gao/Bugotu Constituency in Isabel. The first ones to be launched were Kadabina and Faumamanu both in Malaita Province. All three Economic Growth Centers were launched by Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo.

The nine Directors of the Economic Growth Centre Division are:

• John Kakadi, Director (Industrial Development)
• Moffat Behulu, Director (Economic Planning)
• William OKekeni, Director (Project Planning)
• Allen Lilia, Director (Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Development)
• George Hickson, Director (Governance)
• Nelson Naopu, Director (Land Improvement and Administration)
• Makiva Tuni, Director (Social Sector)
• Rex Alafa, Director, (Civil Aviation)
• Jack Filiomea, Director (Environment) 


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit