Diabetes statistics in Solomon Islands has revealed an increase among young children, with a record of 18 cases of children affected with diabetes, the youngest 5 years of age.

Speaking at the World Diabetes Day on Wednesday, the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Health, Dr. George Manimu, said that the situation is not getting any better in the country.

He stressed on the need for more awareness to be conducted around town "to educate our people to know what to do".

The disease has affected some 7 million people global and has resulted in a lot of deaths every year.

Dr. Manimu said the disease has increased, especially among children, with a recorded increase of 200 cases at the National Referral Hospital.

He said as part of efforts to curb the problem in the country, public awareness has been taken out to the provinces.

"Six other provinces are marking the day and giving awareness talks on the disease," Dr. Manimu said.

He said the Non-Communicable Disease Unit within the Ministry of Health has sent a group throughout the capital city to collect data on the disease and a Multi-Sectoral Program was also sent to nine province schools to do health awareness.

Dr. Manimu said the World Health Organisation will continue to help reinforce with Solomon Islands in its continuous fight against diabetes and other diseases.

The World Diabetes Day event was organised by the Non-Communicable Disease Unit within the Ministry of Health based on the theme: "Diabetes in Children and Adolescents".