The Government is now claiming that the former Minister for Forest, Bodo Detke, was fully aware of his removal as Minister because he was present at the Caucus meeting at the time.

The Caucus meeting was convened purposely to discuss Mr. Detke's future as Minister of Forest.

Prime Minister's Press Secretary, Alfred Sasako says while the reason for Mr. Detke's removal has not come to light, Caucus might have made the decision following Mr. Detke's direct involvement with a shipment of logs some weeks back.

In October this year, Minister Detke personally ordered the seizure of logs shipment onboard M-V Pacific Banghu at Noro Port, Western Province.

Mr. Detke's direct involvement sparked mixed reactions within the government circle as most of the MPs have strong ties with logging companies.

Questioned if Mr. Detke's removal means he may defect to the opposition side, Mr. Sasako says that decision will "depend entirely on the former Minister himself."

Mr Sasako also revealed that the Prime Minister will be making a reshuffle of some ministers soon.

He told SIBC News the likely reshuffling will take place as soon as all Ministers are in Honiara.

He adds that the Prime Minister will reveal the rationale for making the ministerial reshuffle.

The Prime Minister's Press Secretary says it is during the intended reshuffling that a replacement will be identified for the vacant Ministry of Forestry.